Can’t download The Crew from repository on Kodi 20.2

Recently updated my Kodi from Matrix to 20.2, didn’t want to update now having an issue downloading The Crew from repository.

When I go to install “2.0.5 by The Crew” I’m hit with a

1.- ResolveURL- The Addon is not compatible with this version of Kodi
2- The Crew- The dependency on xbmc.python version 2.1.0 could not be satisfied

Any suggestions for me moving forward?

Make sure you’re using the latest Crew repo from their url.

Latest zip:

This version should work fine with nexus 20.2.

Believe I’m using the correct one

Same thing here…says not connected to network

I just did it from scratch on Troy’s 20.2 fork. The repo is fine. Double and triple check your typing.

Ok ill try again…maybe 3rd time a charm

Nope …couldnt connect with network. Just tryed diggz and no go same thing

Are you trying to put Crew on a build, or as a standalone addon on a fresh version or fork of Kodi20?

Doesn’t work on my 20.2 update of Kodi. Stand alone repo won’t install.

Troy has a video of him doing it but it’s on matrix, matrix works in my living room also. Something with this 20.2 version is glitchy.

20.2 isn’t the issue. I just did it.

I redid my kodi and did a superman build…all good now

I’m able to download from github repo and unzip, it’s downloading “The Crew” from video add on that isn’t working when I try to install from repo.

That’s what I’m thinking I’ll have to do. Uninstall and start fresh. I have all my settings for Seren and FEN I don’t want to redo.

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Why not just use Troy’s fork to test so you don’t have to uninstall current stuff…at least yet.

Not sure what you mean by using a fork?

It tricks your system into thinking Kodi isn’t already installed, so that you can have multiple copies on your device…for testing, etc.


No way :exploding_head:, so I can put different versions and the addons will work the same as they would on the non fork version?

Sure…Troy’s forks are awesome!


Troy Fork worked perfect, updating all my rooms to that.

Thank you, greatly appreciated!