Can Speedify work with Firestick 4K?

I came across Speedify which claims to be able to combine multiple internet connections into one. I have only one ISP service but can connect to multiple devices at the same time. Is that what they mean by multiple connections? Speedify claims to work on a Firestick 4K so would it be possible to pipe TiviMate through it? Thanks.

I think you are misunderstanding multiple connections when it comes to iptv… You only have one ISP locked to you, you cant get more… IPTV providers set a certain amount like 1 connection or 2 etc… this means if you have one you can only watch it once and someone els in a different cant watch it at the same time as you, its like when you pay for Netflix and have 2 screens, a 3rd cant be used at the same time.


Got it. Thanks for explaining.

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