Can I connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to an NVidia Shield Pro

Can I connect a wireless mouse and keyboard to an NVidia Shield Pro.

I have a Red Thunder wireless keyboard and mouse and would like to use it with my NVidia Shield Pro for gaming.



Thanks Powerfader

Could you please elaborate, explaining how to do this.

Go to your Shield settings>remote & accessories>add Bluetooth accessories.

If it’s a bluetooth device do as powerfader suggested, if it has a dongle plug it into a usb port.


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Thank you for your response Jax2.

Thanks to Powerfader again. I don’t think this combo is bluetooth enabled but it does come with a dongle.

I have plugged the dongle into either of the USB ports and the items seem to function even though they don’t say that they are paired with the Shield.

I seem to be able to use the mouse but when I come to touch any of the keys on the keyboard it totally powers off the Shield. This can only be restored by turning the power off & on to the Shield.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

You might want to consider this approach, too.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV - Apps on Google Play

Also, you can try and go to settings>Device Preferences>Keyboard & Autofill>Manage Keyboards

Also, check in 'Physical keyboard

That’s very odd indeed. I have a wireless keyboard that uses a dongle on my shield. It may have to do with the USB port settings on your Shield, as mine works perfectly. I’ll have a closer look tomorrow, ans see what my settings are.

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback to my query.

Just for information in case anyone else investigates this issue, I contacted NVidia Shield and they informed me that the RedThunder K10 was not compatible with android devices. I still haven’t been able to see anything which specifically states this is the case.

I have written to RedThunder but so far not received a reply.