Can Firestick external storage be cloned

I have two reasons for wanting to clone the external USB flash drive I use with my Firestick 4k.
I have set it up so that nearly all the apps that I want to use on it, apart from downloader, troypoint, remote adb shell and my vpn. I have not transferred the Amazon bloatware!
What I would like to do is to clone the flash drive in its entirety, not just the user area for storing films etc but the bit that has the apps on it. If I could do this then:

  • I would have a back up (I am old school. Never did anything on IT without a backup but that seems to have gone out of the window with Firesticks).
  • if I got a new Firestick I could install a few things like downloader, troypoint etc and attach the Firestick. Then everything I had previously done would be available without a whole lot of unnecessary work.
    None of the ways I have tried to copy the flash drive work - the partition containing the apps is invisible to the tools I have tried. Are there any which will simple take an image of the flash drive and dump it on another? It may not help that I am a Mac user for which there may be fewer tools than for Windows

From my meager knowledge it simply isn’t possible. You must root the fire OS/Firestick and chances are hi you’ll brick your stick. Hmmm sounds like a commercial. Now this isn’t from experience this is from my research.

Idk, try it out. If it’s a usb drive just make sure you power off your device when you unplug it. Pop it in a PC and use a program made for cloning drives. I don’t see how it could do any damage to the original. However your usb drive usually needs to be formatted on the fire stick in order to read it as internal memory. The formatting might be unique to each device.

This is what I wanted to try and do. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a cloning program for Mac and I don’t have access to a PC. But I rather fear Miki is right. Thanks for your input guys

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