Can Diggz be installed without Debrid

Trying to install Diggz for Kodi 18.9 Leia but the only selection at is for debrid only. I do not have a debrid account and do not want to pay for one. Is there another was to load Diggz without debrid?


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No, it needs kodi for the build.

there is a free option that doesnt need it debrid its doesnt work anywhere as well as the debrid verison does

I’m using the free Diggz Xenon build (6.1) with Kodi 19.1 and it works like a dream. Good luck.

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I cannot play any movies. The system says there is not real debrid account.

Sorry, I miss-read.

You can use the build without real debrid but it won’t be that good. Get real debrid makes a huge difference.

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Thanks. Where do I find that version?

its one of the options in the install wizard

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