Can a firestick be to old

I just came down to my sisters house and jailbroke her firestick for her. She says shes had it for many years and i noticed when i was going through the motions is was VERY slow and jumpie. I cleaned most of the clutter out but it didn’t change. Now this morning it wont connect at all. All it does is lag. My question is can a firestick be to old to work right? Ive tried everything else and i cant seem to figure it out. Anyone have any ideas. Im thinking i just have to buy her a newer one

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Yes, I got rid of all my old firestick due to lag, buffer, heat…" make something up and place here" Get her a max to be more up with the cool kids…or venture out of the shell :eyes: :open_mouth: :grimacing:

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old sticks will work if not to full definitely dont use a build on one

Old Firesticks have old tech and code in them. Tech such as wifi. Now the Max has the new wifi 6 capability for example, and with a wifi 6 router speeds are greatly improved. Amazon has clearly stated that older firesticks will not be supported, so no more security or code improvements. Also app developers have left FireTV 5 way behind, and are no longer even coding new apps to integrate into it. So in short for about $40 during prime sales, for a new 4K Max, will be exactly like replacing your old worn out car with a brand new one complete with tech your old one never had like safety features.


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