Calibrate drifting air mouse

  1. A very common issue reported is the air mouse pointer drifting away by itself on screen. This is just due to a badly calibrated gyroscope…and apparently, none of “brand” selling this remote thought useful to document the simple calibration method available.
    This is by far the most important omission which lead many users to think they had a faulty device.

Wake up the remote (press any button)
Place the remote keyboard down on a flat surface
Keep HOME + OK buttons pressed (as shown in the picture above) until the top LED starts blinking. When it turns off, the calibration is complete.
Try the mouse cursor again: it should now stay still.

2. Another undocumented tip: the hibernation mode can be disabled if you find it annoyi


Nicely done Brad, very helpful for ppl that dont kno

Thnx hombre…

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