Purchased at Troy’s suggestion.
Is there a tutorial on how to load the IPTV with Mac #s etc.?

There is a setup here.

Get the Mac ID from back of box send to provider they tell you the http:// url

You put that info in the Mac ID option on the box menu displayed in the guide above.

Muchas Grassyass, appreciate you

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I just got a Buzz XRS4500 recently. Cappy remote. I searched for universal remotes earlier today. Logitech got out of the remote business. I found the Safobaton U1 and U2 remotes on Amazon. It’s reasonably priced. Has anybody tried one of these with a streaming box? I posted a question about that today on Amazon and am waiting for replies. Will update if I receive any answers pro or con.

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Thats a nice remote but not really not suited for a tv box like buzz. Get a good bluetooth remote with a fly mouse and save yourself some money.

I already got a reply from an Amazon customer who said it worked with her XRS 4500. The site indicates it is bluetooth capable. Price is not that bad - $50 for the U1 and $60 for the U2.

Further update. Just for the hell of it I tried loading the XRS4500 on my Harmony 950 universal remote. It recognized the 4500. It seems to be working well, but I need to give it more extensive road test.

just my 2 cents, its more trouble than its worth. I have one in a box of other remotes under my desk. To each his own :+1:

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