BuzzTV X5 SuperSport (X5 SS) is finally available for purchase

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But will it make the viewing experience that much better?I mean it looks great but I’d have a hard time justifying paying that price for one.

Well it comes in a nice box and its red lipstick :joy:


Oh and don’t forget the dust plugs. I mean, afterall, that and a mouse pad, not to mention a pretty gift box, are what I’ve been looking for in a device. But all joking aside @TXRon I consider you the Guru of all things cpu and gpu, so what is your opinion on the guts of this device? Will it get my heart pumping? Or is it all just a lipstick on a pig?

It’s a nice box but imho not much different than other X5’s. I will say the x5 boxes are made of aluminum and great at moving heat away from the device much like the ugoos UT8 and AM8 boxes.


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Ohmmmmmmm ohmmmmmm come on @PapaS meditate with me. Ohmmmmmmy god I want that X5. Ooops sorry @PapaS that just slipped out.


by the way Miki…if im reading correctly its the same thing thats in the U5…that I believe you already have.

Ahhh tx @TXRon . Btw had is the term for the U5. I gave it away to someone that couldn’t afford it and they absolutely love it. My fave part of that was the built in bay to easily add ssd storage.

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is it any better than a shield ? or worth the $200??

my buzz x5’s usb port stopped working a few months after the warranty was up…you guys might remember that i posted about it? the buzztv peeps were totall aholes about it.
basically said it was several months out of warranty and that they couldn’t do anything about it?
excellent customer service from a supplier of my 200us box…no give me credit on a new one? or send it in for repair?
whereas on my shield pro…the internal fan stopped working a yr after i bought?
they sent me a new one and all i had to pay was shipping on a 3yr old box bought new
customer service anyone…F**k Buzztv and i’ll never buy another of their products and i have a large network of streamer bud’s that’ll never buy their product’s ever again and niether will i
They f’d themselves…so go for it for a 400us box
i’ll never buy from them again…ever…and neither will any of my friends


Do not like remote and you get no help when typing.

Please don’t burn me at the stake people.
It’s running standard phone OS chrome, not Google TV correct.

I have Shields. After looking Buzz over, it was never an option to replace my Shield because Shield is near darned perfect. But, that they’ve taken the Buzz, changed nothing except for painting it red, putting it in a darling box, raising the price and reintroducing it to the public doesn’t change a thing, But, it does reinforce my belief that I’ve got the best out there already. Shield all the way. :+1:

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Will Buzz TV record files > 4K like sports events? Does adding the bay memory become internal or external storage?