BuzzTV X5 Special Edition vs X5 AX-C

Anybody know if there is a difference between the X5 Special Edition and the X5 AX-C 128 besides cosmetics?

You should go to and look at the master class list. It’s covered.

Thanks, but the X5 AX-C 128 model is not covered, that’s why I asked.

New one I think

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I think you’re right since I’ve never seen it before. They both have 128 gb and are the same price, so I wondered if there there is any technical difference.

Yea its new, got the email a few days ago, I think the change is usb-c wifi6e

Like @TXRon said, the only difference I see was this statement on buzz global

Our X5 AX-C media player for Android™ now includes WiFi 6 as well as a Type-C power port for added convenience! All while keeping the elegantly designed triple anodized aluminum enclosure with greater thermal reduction.

I heard from Buzz customer support and they basically said the same. Thanks.

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