Buzztv X5, cant get Netflix to work

The box is running Android 11. I have tried everything including downloading netflix from the rapid app. Has anyone had any luck?

Thank you!

Not a Netflix Certified device. The only thing you can try is downloading from Apitoide or another store. Don’t update it. You may have to use a mouse for it. I was able to download on mine but it’s a pain to use. I downloaded it on my Formuler Z10, didn’t update and it works great with just the remote


Thank you, I will give that a try and report back.

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There was an update for the x5 today, might help, or not, but worth a shot.

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I grabbed a few from Apitoide including an older version, but no luck. Thank you for the suggestion :+1:

I ran the update but no luck. As mentioned, it was worth a try. Thank you!

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