Buzztv vidstick

Does anybody have any kind of feedback on the BUZZTV VIDSTICK MAX HD IPTV STICK.
I’m interested in it because of the large storage capacity

Havent done a deep dive however the specs look great but not sure how the IPTV interface will work with the providers streamlining what data/info they will provide the end user and the $99.00 cost vs lower cost sticks and building your own to suit your IPTV needs. Also doesn’t appear they are providing a “legit” license for Netflix and Prime Video so everything I have read looks like you are streaming in sub 720P quality so worthless but you have the other APK’s for 4K quality. For us personally we still have a Netflix subscription as I still like seeing the latest shows when I turn on my Shield (yes I know its stupid and a waste of money - but I do like seeing whats on). Overall looks like a very slick device so if you dont care about the NF/AP maybe something to try

Just my 2c

Thanks for the input, much appreciated.