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I read the topic Buzztv 5 update problem that was closed July 12. About a week ago I started receiving an update screen. I’ve had my box up and going since May and this is the first update. Wondering if it’s the same one or a newer one and is it safe to install. I can’t find where anyone is still commenting on this topic. Thank you very much.

Hang on and I will plug in my x5 and give it a go :grimacing:

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nope, no updates for me… I think buzztv has me blocked :eyes: :crazy_face:

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not sure if this helps but I just got the Buxxtv newsletter, lotsa deals on boxes but no fixes for the already sold boxes :1st_place_medal: :eyes:

The BuzzTV X5 updates have been a rocky road. Most of us here are on Firmware V20220624 and Buzz 5 Version 5.0.727. If your X5 is problem free, I wouldn’t change a thing for now. Buzz will have to eventually address issues with their product and that would be the time to update.


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I got lucky I guess, I over ordered from ugoos and have traded 2 ugoos boxes for a brand new shield and this time I believe I will keep the shield. If I ever get the x5 fixed I will most likely sell it before it breaks again :joy:

Thanks everyone. I kinda want to leave it as is. It’s working fine but the update screen keeps popping up during shows and movies in synclar start over.

I have 20220601 5.4.125

You got me wondering :thinking: now. I have same version on mine but I’ve had no update pop-ups appear at all. Not sure why, I only use wolf launcher and I do have the buzztv 5 app disabled because I use Tivimate maybe that’s why I’m not getting the pop-ups and likewise I’m quite happy with the way it’s working so I’m not looking for any updates :wink:

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DO NOT TOUCH anything. At least its working. I made the mistake some tome back of factory reset. The box has been screwed up since. Constant out of storage issues and ive installed nothing except extra storage :upside_down_face:

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I bought an X5, had nothing but problems with it, and after 6 weeks of dealing with tech “support” (and I use that term very loosely) I RMA’d it. Should have stuck with my Shield Pro, but the idea of ff/rw of live TV was too good not to try. Too bad that whenever I used Timeshift, the video and audio constantly skipped. Worst device I’ve ever tried to use.

…oh yeah, and to return the defective item, I had to pay the return shipping. In contrast, when my 2019 Shield tube bit the dust after 2 years, not only did Nvidia replace it out of warranty, but they paid for shipping both ways. Buzz has a lot to learn about customer service.


I agree my shields work fine and my mecool but this box sounded like it was the perfect box. And actually except for the update screen it has worked really well.

I too use Wolf launcher bit also use the buzz app. Thanks everyone. I’m gonna hold off on the update for now. If I decide to load it I’ll update the results.


Yeah, i feel your pain as i’m dealing with the same box that after the last update, i can no longer record anything. Furthermore, some channels are choppy & i even experience freezing. Previous to the update, i could record but couldn’t change the channel being recorded. Timeshifting seems to work OK but i’ve only tested once or twice. I use Tivimate instead of the native player/recorder.

I also bought the x5 for the ability to pause/ff/rew live TV among other things. I came across an app in the Google store that offers the ability to Timeshift as well. It is called ‘Cosmi DVR - IPTV PVR’. I paid for a month’s subscription to test out all the premium options. So far, works well. You can, as with TiviMate, buy a Lifetime Licence - if you are in the States, it would work out to about $20 - it’s $26 Canadian. I’ll probably grab the Lifetime licence as, unfortunately, TiviMate doesn’t offer Timeshifting - it will pause, play from paused time then jump to Live TV.

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FYI…for those in the buzz community…I would like to give notice that my daily checks for an update/solution to the x5 box has been moved from daily to weelly. Nothing more to report due to little(no) activity at buzz.

Good Day


Sounds like my Minix boxes. My older UH9 works great, but Minix stop supporting it because they wanted everyone to buy the newest box, U22. It came out over a year ago and has had nothing but problems. It works fine for me because I don’t dig deep into why it works or all the misc stuff that some want to attach to it. It and when these two give up the ghost I’ll probaly find something different, but only because the customer service isn’t that great and they have never fixed some issues that have been around for awhile, the U22. The boxes are well made and the company makes also mini PCs for lots of apps. It’s just the android boxes that fall short

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Yea I read about the minix support and backed away from getting one. The boxes look great spec wise…but dont need another buzz type dud.

Another BuzzTV X5 update thread laid to rest. Thankfully. For me, its been whistling past the graveyard.


my XRS4500 Buzz 5 with Firmware V2022106 was updated to 5.0.762 this morning and no issues so far…

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