Buzz x5 issue with prime video

Seems like after the last cluster of a mess with the update, they stopped caring and are moving on. They’re big talk about always updating until now

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you talking about buzz?

Ya. Sorry I wasn’t clear. Lol

in my opinion buzz is tangled up in the android 11 mess with no idea how to deal with the android scoped storage issue etc. While other companys have devs on hand that do know how it would appear that buzz simply do not have the expertise to deal with it. Time will tell. I just hope they hire someone to fix this mess before the next big thing box hits the market :joy:… wait…what did you say :eyes: :thinking:

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I have 3 different VPM’s (Nord, SurfShark, and VPN Unlimited). I don’t have any issues when using any of them when watching Amazing Prime.

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