Buzz TV vs. Shield Pro

Maybe someone else could weigh in on this. I’m lost now. Maybe @TXRon could help on this one, he’s a genius :thinking:

Also found this on their forum, might be helpful


A recent Buzz [update](BuzzTV…something ive noticed - Streaming Devices / Hardware - TROYPOINT Insider BuzzTV....something ive noticed) enables(or offers) network shares and will help with recordings.

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I’ve seen the Network Share option but not familiar with it. I’ll see if I can find instructions.

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It basically opens up the box so its discoverable on the local network. Giving permissions etc. If your router(if you have one with a usb) you could record there for storage or anywhere other than the box.

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Here’s an interesting update, my Tivimate app is recording live tv with no problem now that I set it up the recording path by selecting file picker (after setting up a folder in my usb drive. I tried researching network sharing through my pc last night but gave it up after 30 mins. Today, I’m also going to add a usb drive to my Nighthawk router.

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I have both boxes.

My issues with BuzzTV x5’s native player are legendary. Couldn’t record, stuttering/freezing picture on all channels, etc., etc., etc. Well, lo & behold, after the March update, i was FINALLY able to record! However, still had stuttering/freezing issue albeit not as often. The weird thing is, if i record the channel i am watching that has the picture issues then go watch it recorded, everything is perfect, no stuttering/freezing in the recording???!!!

As for the boxes, i’ve had issues, at times, with the Shield playing 4K content - i haven’t been able to determine whether it’s a box or internet issue. Other than that, the Shield is good. That said, i’d give the BuzzTV box top rating if i didn’t have the native player issues. The extra 1 gig of RAM & the 128 gigs of internal storage is fantastic. And, i never have an issue playing 4K content.

If only i could find out why watching a channel on the native player has issues but recording the same channel, at the same time as watching, it is perfect??? :thinking:


Sheesh - spoke to soon - i AGAIN cannot record on this bloody box. The record icon shows up in the top right hand corner & it tells me it’s recording. But when i go into the pvr section to watch, i see the icon with the amount of time i set to record - however, i click on the icon to play, i get a can’t find the stream or some other cockamamie error message.

Ya know, some times I JUST HATE TECHNOLOGY!!! :grimacing:


Try using MX Player Pro, available in the Troypoint Toolbox, to view the programs recorded with a BuzzTV box. Its much more versatile than the built-in player and doesnt scramble the vids when you try to FF or RW.

Is the setups for saving to mx straight forward.

MX is not available in Troy’s new toolbox.

Donn, content does not need to be saved to MX. When an item is recorded in PVR Recordings, they can be retrieved from within MX Player. When I open MX Player a list of folders is displayed. On my system, one folder is labeled, “”. Selecting this folder opens its contents, which are the recordings made with the PVR feature. Selecting a recording will immediately play it with MX Player. The folder name was assigned and the folder was created by the PVR feature – I didn’t need to do anything to produce it besides setting up the recordings (Please note the quoted phrase above is not a link but was designated as such by this website, not me).

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Greetings Miki, if you open the Troypoint Toolbox and scroll down approximately half way down, “MX Player Pro 1.51.8 with Codecs” is between “SmartTubeNext” and “Unlinked Latest Release”.

tx Riverboat109. I looked last night and couldn’t find it. I checked just now and sure enough it’s there now. Tx for the update.
Have fun and STREAM ON!!

Thanks Riverboat, that makes sense to me.

Not sure if it has been reported, but the Buzz X5 special edition is $169 just like the Shield Pro on Amazon. Nice chance to get one of the high end Buzz models in your hand for the holidays.

BuzzTV X5 Android TV Box - Future-Proof Streaming Device (

BuzzTV X5 Special Edition - Android OS 11 - Amlogic 905x4-4GB DDR - 128GB eMMC

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I can’t get a Onn remote or a shield pro remote to work properly on Buzz x5. I got them synced but no volume buttons work. Anyway to get volume to work? Cec is on. Thanks

That is the only thing I never could resolve when I set up a Buzz U5. Everything else on my Shield Pro remote worked but the sound. I gave up after 10 days and went back to my Shield.

I really like the Buzz box. Just the remote sucks haha. Maybe I might try a Logitech or get another Buzz remote model.

I gave my U5 away. My shield Pro outperformed it still. But I know ppl that just love it and swear by it.

Did you get the Ugoos volume buttons to program? Thanks