Buzz tv st 4000 vid stick

Contemplating purchasing one of these for my second TV, which is lightly used. Would appreciate any feedback from people who have used the device. I currently stream on the shield, pro on my main TV but I am familiar with fire, TV, android TV, etc… $69 on Amazon

I tested one of these back when they came out and I think it would be great for that purpose. The stick is very well made but like most sticks and usage can overheat which causes like buffering or cutting out. A great box for seldom usage is the onn box and on the cheap side, also look at the tivo-4k which are real cheap right now and also perfect for a 2nd tv. 2 cents is in :nerd_face:

Thanks, I actually had a TiVo, I thought it was quite underrated. I wound up giving it to my niece when she went to college, but pricewise a great product.

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