Buzz TV setup w/receiver

Set up the Buzz TV X5. Works great, but does anyone know how I can use my receiver for sound like I was able to do with a Firestick, where I can control the volume with the Buzz remote? Thanks.

Using search :mag: I found this
Hope it helps

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Yeah, I watched those but nothing there about external receivers.

you have to set the box to passthrough

I have a USB from Buzz to receiver instead of to the TV same as I did with the fire stick. Worked with stick, but not Buzz.

Take a look at the sound app as shown in the following manual and see if that helps.
Troy has a few vids for the Buzz X5. Read through them. Sound is referred to.

Hello Everyone: Quick yes or no, please. My family is liking Amazon Alexa to open and close the TV, sound, and lights using my Fire TV Cube gen 2. If the switch is made to BuzzTv X5 does it support Alexa Voice Commands? I understand the Nvidia Shield does support Alexa.

Many thanks…

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For external audio players.

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If you cant find any posts on this then feel free to make a topic. I hope you find your answer. :slight_smile:

BuzzTV is not integrated with alexas, as far as I know. I have the X5 and not seen anything about it.

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No Alexa and no Google voice.