Buzz TV and trouble with reccording

hey Guys
i’m having a problem recording with my buzz box v5
is there a step by step on how to record programs to it?
i’m hit and miss,some of my questions are
do you have to leave the box on? and on the channel you want to record?
can you record to a usb or sd card?
can you use sd card and/or usb to record channels and also use the same card or usb to timeshift?
do i have to leave it on the iptv provider to record or can i watch one of the two i have and will it record on the the one i’m not watching at the moment?
what’s the best place to store timeshift data?
i know…lol alot of questions and i’m testing when i have time but it’s warm outside so the fam is demanding of my time right now
thx and Troy is the freakin man!!

I can be more of help tomorrow with the buzz recording as I plan on attempting that setup. I currently use tivimate on my x5 and all my recording I smb to my server and actually put them in same folder as my emby recording…pretty neat as I can view all tivi recording in emby…But was wondering today if buzz would work as well, so will try tomorrow…

Found this on stbtalk

you need more than 2 connections to record one channel and watch another

with 2 connections you use both while recording the channel you’re watching

just tried a server with 4 connections and can do 2 recordings at same time
one recording while watching = 2

two recordings while watching one = 3

three recordings while watching one = 4

but I can watch a channel other than the ones recording and it stays at 4

the good news is I switched servers and when I went back my recordings were still going
and that’s the best explanation i’ve found and it works!

one button record is off


Hey @Comtech Where did you read about this? Not familiar with “stbtalk”…

Great work @Comtech ! finally a hands on account. Thank you for the info! I’m sure you answered a lot of questions :v:

2 Likes is the home of buzztv ,forum to discuss their boxes and it’s free

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STBTalk is the official forum for BuzzTV. OP started a thread there and shared what was posted there. They are using the product player, not Tivimate app.

Roger that…saw Tivimate in Ron’s post & thought Comtech was talking about it…my bad…thnx for the heads up :cowboy_hat_face:

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