Buffering problems

For the past few weeks I’ve been experiencing constant buffering problems with both CinemaHD, Cyberflix and Morph.
I do have RealDebrid and it is active.
Fire TV 2nd gen.
I empty apps cache daily. Also run CleanMaster to clean up FireTV cache. I’ve also removed quite a few apps to lighten the load on the hard drive.
Internet speed: 400MBs (60-70MBs with VPN which is more than adequate but have even tested with the VPN disconnected.)
Have tried both restarting FireTV and unplugging completely.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems? I am beginning to think that with so many people now streaming with these apps, that their servers just cant handle the load. Especially during peak hours. But I was hoping RealDebrid would take care of that.

Should I completely uninstall / reinstall all apps? I can’t think of any other solutions. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

It has happened to me in the past but not often enough to complain. What I did was disconnect my VPN than reboot my fire stick tv, after rebooting do not connect your VPN at this time. Open your Cinema HD or Cyberflix, click on a movie or tv series, than exit out and reconnect your VPN. Then go back to your program Cinema HD or Cyberflix and click on your movie or tv series. I to have RealDebri and by doing this step resolved my buffering problem and my missing RealDebri Links.


Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll give it a whirl!

@terry4399 What exactly do you mean, when you say “reboot” the firestick??? TiA

I’ve had the same experience. The only reliable link for me is google.

Go to your fire stick setting, click on my firetv and restart your fire stick tv. This is the same as rebooting.


In case this strikes some as bizarre, there have been buffering problems repeated on Kodi and related Android forums going back as long as I can remember (years). There has been repeated advice on how to fix it, how to circumvent it, the factors involved, etc. It always comes back as a thread of conversation. I never have buffering with the content I pay for (Youtube TV). Is no one connecting the dots? Do people really believe that people work for free, that no one gets paid for content or the hardware to deliver content? That there really is such a thing as a free lunch? Where is that bridge when I have a buyer…?

Regarding your inferring that anyone in this thread is looking for a “free lunch”

  1. I myself have not “cut the cable” as many have. I pay through the nose for cable tv, HBO, sports, etc.
  2. I do not have a DVR, so my purpose in using the APK’s is simply to watch my shows at a later date.
  3. I am well versed in the numerous suggestions on how to correct buffering. Some work. Some don’t.
  4. As I indicated in my original query, I also pay for Real Debrid which is supposed to lessen buffering problems. I don’t find it to be as consistent as I would like.
    Dont be so quick to demonize. We dont need your sermons. Just helpful suggestions.

Your points are good and valid. You are wrong on demonizing or sermons. I’m not a preacher and I don’t judge. And comments never apply to everyone. But to suggest they were meant only for you and don’t apply to many others and that they are like you is debatable.

Helpful advice:

  1. get the fastest ISP internet service you can buy (afford, if you can’t afford the fastest).
  2. get a dual/tri band gigabit router.
  3. get a service which does not pirate content (you only have to visit this and tons of other forums to see the same topic of conversation, buffering, repeated year after year).
  4. don’t waste time on the recommendations for buffer sizes and settings which were originally published by android developers rather than performance engineers. None work for long if at all (these threads are testimony to that or this discussion would have been history years ago).
  5. if there were free, high quality, reliable streaming service, it would have found years ago. They either buffer when they play at all, or they get run out of business by the copyright police. And forget Friday/Saturday night major events.
  6. this is some prognosticating on my part (but not much): there is currently legislation under discussion which outlaws streaming in the US and worse, sets up a new “small claims” court system whose claims are not that small.
  7. currently a VPN can provide some protection, but if you’ve read the news, the Justice department has requested vendors to provide a backdoor to their device so they can legitimately fight crime. But, it’s anyone’s guess whether the copyright trolls can be kept out for long.

BTW, Youtube TV currently has unlimited DVR capabilities but I believe caps at 9 months, but who cares at that length of time.

Sorry to hear about these buffering problems. That can be really frustrating. It is difficult to pinpoint core problems given the numerous configurations and technologies in play. I’ve been more fortunate…I use kodi, cinema, cyberflix, titanium, morph, and stremio for streaming. I subscribe to real debrid. I have two IPTV services, tpk and ks hosting packaged within iptv extreme. I use a comcast modem/router and my internet plan is 200 mbps. And I use ipvanish at all times. There are 3 adults and 2 grandsons ages 13 and 10 using fire devices, tablets, computers and a ps4 on a regular basis. And we only experience intermittent buffering issues. It’s been this way for quite some time. The iptv services do blink and stutter from time to time but usually only one at a time. If I experience buffering using any of the above streaming apps, I try another provider and/or switch video players. If that fails, I move on to another app and try again until I get my show or movie. This all happens within a matter of minutes. It’s been a very long time since I had the kind of buffering issues that ruin the streaming experience. With all the activity in my household, we come very close each month to eclipsing the 1TB comcast data cap. I restart my modem from time to time because it does become sluggish which affects the entire household. I mostly stream using a fire tv 2nd generation and fire tv stick 4k. I’ve been unimpressed with my fire tv 4k with ultra hd.

I cut the cord 2.5 years ago when after 20 years with Comcast, they sent me a contract renewal notice for $230 per month. I had no use for 80% of the channels included and the movie offerings were slim at best. Customer service was pretty shoddy. Their internet was/is far superior to anything else in my area. No one should work for free but if you want to satisfy and retain customers, then you’d better listen to your customers and adapt to changes in technology and give them a product they can use at an affordable price. How we got to where we are today, ongoing legal discussions, what to expect going forward…well, I think Troypoint is right on target in his post U.S. Lawmakers Push To Criminalize Streaming.


I also wonder if using any of these services are negatively impacted at certain times of the day. I have a 400Mps plan using a Nighthawk 7000 router. Modem is capable of 400+Mps.

On a few occasions when the buffering problems have occured, I have disconnected from my VPN, run Speedtest to confirm I’m getting 400+Mps on my FireTV and still experienced a lag. Yes even with Real Debrid.

As we all know, what we download/stream is dependant on the servers on the other end.

It seems to me that as more and more people are using these services, the providers and their servers are at times overwhelmed.

Does anyone else find that your streams are better or worse at certain times? Curious to know.

I’m a relatively new to cord cutting in general; however, the only Cinema streams I’ve used when available that NEVER buffer are goggle streams. Even my RealDebrid streams sometimes buffer. I don’t know why that is but I know it to be true. Specifically 720 speed.

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There are some good recommendations by other contributors to this post. To minimize buffering, I suggest - 1) a 2 or 3 band wifi router (keeps other wifi users in your house from hogging up your bandwidth), 2) minimum 100 mbs internet, preferably 200 if the cost is reasonable, 3) a non US or UK vpn such as Express VPN, which is not subject to the 4 corners surveillance treaty and keeps no usage logs, (sorry IPVanish) 4) get a good quality streaming device with at least 3 gb of RAM and 32 gb of internal memory (stay away from firestick, etc.) 5) clean your cache & memory often, (Cleanmaster app is very good for this and easy to use.


So for the past few weeks I have been logging my times and which streaming apps I’m using at those times and I’ve come to two conclusions:

  1. As r_higginbotham has mentioned earlier in this thread, it is a good idea to switch to another streaming service if one is lagging. There are differences in the download speeds of each depending (I’m guessing) on the current user load. Even if using Real Debrid.
  2. I live in the States. East coast. Eastern Standard Time. My speeds do slow down noticeably in the evening hours.

same for me. Google servers always seem to work, but most of the others buffer and buffer, then they play a bit and the buffering starts all over again