Buffering on MSG

I’ve noticed that while streaming sports on any of the MSG channels, they seem to buffer more than other sports channels. For instance, tonight buffering got bad on MSG, but the same game on a Bally sports station from Detroit was free from buffering. Why more buffering on the MSG’s? Anybody?

Hi @lkrash
Sounds like MSG servers were overloaded.

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Why more buffering on the MSG’s? That’s hard to answer but I’ll take a SWAG…MSG channel might be too popular at that time…resulting in congestion at the servers, could be bandwidth problems, connection speeds or a multitude of other reasons way beyond my pay grade. IMO, the trick is to always have another channel/feed as backup…just like you had with the Bally sports. Tomorrow, Bally sports might be buffering & MSG will be smooth as can be…just the nature of the beast.


I found it is better to stream from the locals rather than the Big Box Networks…especially on Saturdays and Sundays! Besides, locals add a flair to the game. Example: I watch a local Chicago channel to watch the Chicago Bears games, because no mainstream announcer in their right mind would have anything good to say about Chicago! :woozy_face: :bear: :football:


I watch msg all the time, “Lets go Rangers”. I have 3 services, 1 buffers all the time, the other two very rarely and if they do i usually just switch servers on my vpn to solve the issue. So it could be your service or just some maintenance on your end. I do notice msg plus will buffer more then the other msg networks. Hope that helps. Also like others have said, just try other sources.

I didn’t know you were a Bears fan. I thought I was the only one. :smiley:

You are! I was until last week. Lol

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