Buffering on ethernet firestick 4K

Problem with one 4K firestick = I have 2 on wifi, 1 ethernet. The ethernet is the one with excessive buffering. I also have a Nvida shield pro on ethernet that works great. Different cable, different router port. The buffering is about every 10 seconds for just a few seconds.
Anyone have a thought, are their settings I could change, bad cable or is it the stick it’s self

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Buffering can be related to many issues.

First thing to do is run a speed test on the device with buffering.

Speed test:

Hardwired (ethernet cabled)
Vpn Hardwired
Vpn off hardwired
Vpn on wireless
Vpn off wireless.

Just to get an idea of what your down speeds are with every internet option.

Are you using a VPN on that device?

VPN on all firesticks as well as Nvidia === what is meant by VPN hardwired


Oh sorry, I mean to run a speed test with vpn off and on while connected to a ethernet connection. Not wireless.

Well both. The way I laid it out was to determine a few things as you mentioned it seems to be the one stick.

Thanks for the come back. I will try the speed test a little later today = have to get going now.

thanks again

Sometimes it’s just back to basics. ran all the speed test (not good) with/without VPN.

after checking in settings I found that even though the the ethernet cable was connected, the firestick had not switched to ethernet . I restarted unit and all is good.

thanks again