Buffering on all iptv servers

what ever iptv server i use it keeps buffering,can someone tell me what might be wrong on my end thank you.

I put these up for you to see what results you can get by using the search function here.


tried all those still buffers

What device, app are you using to play the IPTV.
What is your internet company.
What is your download speed. What brand of router are u using.
Do not name the IPTV services but how much money are you paying for each service.
What VPN are you using
These are issues that need to be known so maybe somebody can help you


You read through and did everything? Wow.


Regarding - 5. Adjust VPN Settings

I’d suggest changing protocol to see if that alleviates anything at all. Switching to a protocol I had never tried before helped immensely in IKEv2.


differant servers? same iptv? or differant services? even the best iptv will buffer at some point


fire cube,sasktel,600down speed,sasktel modem nokida,15.00 a month,vpn PIA

Sasktel is giving you 600Mbs down for $15. No way. there 200 plan is around $145, or is it $15/mth just for the modem?

I think the 15 a month is for the IPTV services.

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Try an ethernet connection.

Your internet service is 600Mbps, but what do the speed tests show for your speed when you run it through your VPN?

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My KM1 Deluxe is limited to 100 mbps with ethernet, so it is slower than wifi, but one of you experts here explained that upload speed was important for streaming too. And my upload speeds were better with ethernet. Everything is more stable with less buffering using ethernet even though download speeds are slower.

As long as your speeds are good enough (50+ Mbps). Then the stability is more important, imho.

You only need about 30 Mbps. However, your issue could be on your services end.

Also, try troubleshooting your wifi connection from your ip.

And for some reason, using the Xtream codes for iptv service on TIviMate, the stream is much much better than it was using the provider’s platform. Maybe it’s the TiviMate native player?

The m3u or extreme url should not make any difference.

You could try an external player, but I have always found the Tivimate player has always been very good.

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A lot of providers prefer you use their app however often they lack the knowledge to set it up correctly and its often configured incorrectly for optimal playback. Tivimate defaults to a “ts” stream but gives you options within xtream code parameters to change it to hls, sometimes helps or not.

I’ve messed with all the settings in the provider’s app and used MX and VLC (my former favorite) and Just players. Also used all the usual tricks to stop buffering, but TiviMate and their native player are far superior. If I ever get an error message on a TiviMate stream channel, I simply choose another channel and then go back to the previous channel and it all clears up. TiviMate was my best investment in streaming by far.

speed throught vpn is 60 down.

cube is maxed out hardwired at 100mps to take advange of higher speeds you need to use it on wifi

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