Buffering constantly

IPTV keeps buffering I cleared cache and did a restart to no avail

Buffering is often the fault of your supplier. You may want to try switching VPN server location


Report to customer service and see what they say if they report service is up and running troubleshoot and retry should play then

I was over a friend’s this morning - and noticed how his service was buffering frequently also. So I started digging in.

His Ipvanish was the big culprit. With his VPN on, his 360+mbps normal un-tunneled speeds drop to 28-40mbps. We tried about 8-10 US servers, all dropped to around 35+/-. He was on wireguard protocol. Drop ipv and his speeds on analiti jumps back above 350.


So in his case, he blamed his iptv provider. In this case, however, it was due to low bandwidth speeds - seemingly caused by VPN throttling.

Check your speeds. Use a speed test, like analiti, to measure downstream.

My down speeds with ProtonVPN on are 125 during peak times on a 150Mbps down service.

read today that several major carriers had streaming issues with youtubetv being just one…might be sumthin to it…jus’ sayin’

That’s really good. When surfshark was on version 2.7.3, my downstream was 290 with it on, 360 with it off. Since 3.1.0, I’ve been getting 150-170 down with it on.

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