Brit TV shows/movies

What’s a good addon for Brit TV shows

BBC iplayer. All BBC programs and movies can be found on the BBC iplayer. Download from UNLINKED, an app, that can be downloaded from the TROYPOINT RAPID APP INSTALLER.
You will also find British TV and MOVIES on these British Tv channel apps: ITV Hub/ Channel four/my 5/ UKTV play. These apps can also be found on the ULINKED app under the code that Troy gives in his unlinked installation video. The code is 44444444…thats eight 4s…
If you have a 4K Firestick I believe under the APP STORE SECTION of the FIND BUTTON on the TOP MENU these British TV channel apps can be found and downloaded.
Hope this helps you out, louieg

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Thanks for the info, I’ll give it a go.

UK TV and Radio apk if you want ‘now time’ streaming …comes with a crude epg for the current and next show up. Includes premium sports channels. Can be a bit hit and miss and quality sometimes 480 but it’s free. Another alternative is UK Turks apk … I have found this to be excellent and the quality can be 1080p. Also good for new and old movies …categorized.

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