Hey Mono, I don’t believe that Amazon is selling any of the devices which don’t allow “jailbreaking” yet.

Look at the link that Miki posted.
“Jailbreaking” a Firestick is simply turning on the Developer options…which is a little hard to find, but not difficult to do.


Amazon Firestick (April, 2014 - April, 2024) - R.I.P. :skull::skull::skull:

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  1. mandatory updates

You wonder if someone like Bezos just wants to be an a-hole.

Mine died a premature death in 2018 when I stopped updating or using it. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

What do you mean “wants to be”


Man I am truly concerned about Bezos and Amazon.Times are so tuff they are no longer putting products in shipping packages,they are simply slapping a label on the product and shipping as is lol.


That’s so the porch pirates can see what it is before they put themselves in danger.


and a Partridge in Pear Tree…


Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me page for Jeff?


Are you saying you can longer download downloader even through an usb drive?
Also, is it all firesticks or just certain builds?
Are there any other ports that can be used in order to ftp files to firesticks?

Thanks for any inputs…:grin:

The no-sideloading issue is for possible future releases of Firesticks and fire TVS.

Amazon is (supposedly) going to be introducing a new OS not based upon Android.

If that’s the case, people will turn to new rom’s for the firesticks that come out in the future…
It may make it more difficult but not impossible…
They would also be costing themselves sales and money by doing this…

You can’t go wrong with the ONN 4K box. I have 3 now and like them wayyyy better than FS!

Can you buy these ONN streaming devices in Europe? I bought a Mecool KM7+ from China in the past?.

If you are in the UK you can buy them on EBay but they are more than double the price.

I need to have a look on Aliexpress or Shein. Thing is here in Spain we have to pay import tax on them. I remember buying something from the States in the past and by the time i paid for P&P and import duty it was double the original price.

this looks just lkie the transpeed android 8k box. are you able to load Tivimate, and if so my issue with the transpeed box was that I found out that it was a 12.0 and that I could not record with the Tivimate , so I had to stop using the Transpeed android 12.0 box because if I can’t record with the box using tivimate, then it’s no good to me.