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How do i turn on the breaking news banner on fox news in the max firestick

What??? That is a Fox News thing. No device or iptv provider has anything to do with it.

It sounds as though you can’t see the banner on your TV screen. My suspicion is that you have your screen zoomed. Try changing the screen fit/size in your “Display Mode.”

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Are you talking about a widget on your home screen? You’d have to find a news app (any of them) that have widgets built in. Then you can enable and customize how the widget is displayed. I’d definitely recommend a custom launcher like Wolf Launcher if you are going to do this.

There might be some apps out there that will stay running in the background and will give you an alert overlay for breaking news. That’s something you can Google. I don’t watch the news so I couldn’t tell you.

If you are referring to the Fox News App
Navigate to the Settings section of the app, and select Options. Select Breaking News to toggle the banner on/off. Even when turned on, the breaking news banner will not appear all the time, only when there is a breaking news alert.

App, widget, or display… I’m sooo confused? :,-)

Widgets and android are such a strange thang… one widget will work on my mecool box but not on a onn box or vice versa… only way I can get an ip widget on any screen is with my vpn widget and thats not on all boxes. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :thinking: :face_with_monocle:

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That worked on my tablet but on the firestick when I go to the fox news settings it does not show a toggle to turn the banner on or off it shows a notification on or off, if I use the Fox Now app to go
to the fox news channel it does not have a setting to turn the banner on our off. When I updated the firestick it some how had the banner turned off and I can’t find how to turn it on. CNN is on

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