Brave browser blocking sites in Discover on Chrome browser

Guys I got a stumper for you . I deleted Brave browser years ago an deleted everything related to it from ES File Explorer but when I go to Discover on the Chrome browser I am still getting the message on some sites saying " Turn off Brave add blocker " . Anybody know what is causing this ?

try another browser. Chrome is a google product and dont like blockers. Not sure why brave popups are showing. Run a cleaner if you have one. I like sdmaid. Troy has Fast Task Killer that might help.


I have sdmaid an clean regularly . I guess theirs something es file explorer didn’t find .

Brave is built upon a Chrome base.

So you are saying sites with in Discover is detecting the Brave blocker with in Chrome ?

Look for “adblock rust library” in your ES File Explorer. You may have gotten rid of brave but may not have gotten the ad blocker if it’s a seperate module. Researching now to see whay I can find. It may be adblock-rust.

I tried that but nothing came up .