Box to the left of the gear on the Firestick homescreen missing

Hello All:
I decided to replace an old Firestick which was working well but it did not have Alexa, TV controls or the 4 streaming buttons. Did the install Tuesday. Nothing unusal.
Today the box on the home screen to the left of the Manage Applications is completely gone as are about 2/3 of my icons. I tried restarting (have not reset to factory), but no change. If I hold down the home buttons all the apps are there but I am unable to delete caches.

Advice please?
Ed in SC

Hey Ed in SC…

I dont play with Fire, but this shld help, just had to search missing icons


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Not sure what Fire Stick your using but I thought the last fire update fixed the missing icon problem. So not sure if your stick needs an update. It fixed mine. Hope this helps

Sounds like it isn’t just missing the icons, he’s missing an entire module. At this point I would do a complete factory reset. Never heard of a missing module like this. So I would check cables, completely power it off, reset everything, plug it back in making sure it’s plugged into a house outlet and not USB on the TV, and if still missing try factory reset, if still missing after reset then contact Amazon and send it back for a replacement.

The box with the 3 “Squares” and “Plus” in it (“applications”) can disappear if you try to hide or delete some of the preinstalled apps (Internet, kids, music, etc). The only way I got it back was a factory reset.

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Glad my suggestion to do a factory reset worked. Never heard of an entire module going missing, but this is electronics, it happens.
You can’t hide or delete the now protected modules. The best you can do is return them to factory presets.

I didn’t have any time recently to do a reset.
Yesterday 10/7, I was in the middle of a program when the screen when black and told me it was due for an update. I hit the yes button and it took about 10 minutes, it reset and the the icon was back. I didn’t have to change any apps or redo logins with passwords. It seems to be working fine now.

That is fantastic. Got to love it when you have some good luck. Now go buy a lottery ticket. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :ticket:

The frequency of amazon Fire TV updates is getting ridiculous. I spent over a hour over the weekend updating a firestick 4k! Update after update after update!

I did the same this morning. 4 updates back to back. Now to see what advantage or changes there are. Thank god it doesn’t take much effort, just a little time.

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