Blurry picture during action shots on Samsung TV

I have a Samsung TV, 4k Firestick. During fast action on TV, i can see not any visible lines, but the picture looks slighly blurry from what i guess ill call blocking. Its like an invisible vertical line from one side of the TV to the other side and an invisible horizontal line from top of the screen to the bottom form a cross in the middle of the TV, blocking the picture in 4 equal blocks. Theres blurryness along the line and it kind of annoys me. Anyone know what the deal is? It only happens when the picture is showing fast action. Any known fixes? Thanks

what app are you using

Kodi latest stable version.

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No what app are you using to view movies

you might try enabling the soap opera affect on your tv, i think its called either blur reduction or judder reduction on a samsung, me personally i keep all that kind of thing turned off but some like it

I think he needs to disable it with the reported issue he’s having. That’s why I posted the link on how to do it on his Samsung TV.

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Oh ok, yeah it’s usually a much better picture with all the motion and noise reduction stuff disabled anyhow

Ill try those tips tomorrow. Thanks everyone. Oh, and the apps are The Crew and Cinema.

Oh, the apps are The Crew and Cinema.

I only have the judder recuction and LED Clear Motion. Do you have a suggestion on what number the Judder reduction should be set at? Right now its at 3. If i click on the LED Clear Motion, the Judder goes to 0, the screen gets dimmer, and it looks like the screen is kind of flickering super fast. Sorry, obviously this is all super new to me. Hope my point is clear. Thank you guys.

Edit: when Auto Motion Plus its on Auto, the judder reduction is 8, on Custom it drops to 3. And should i do anything with Digital Clean View?

Judder reduction is what they call the soap opera affect, I have mine at 0 and LED clear motion is off, I also turn off digital clean view, that’s a blurring algorithm for noise on pictures, it will actually make the picture less sharp

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Thank you. Sorry for all the questions, but are you able to sharpen up the picture in the normal setting with the Sharpness option? Hopefully this is the last question. Thanks again for time

yeah you can turn the sharpness setting up and sharpen up the picture, i leave mine at 0 as thats the most natural setting but if you watch stuff that needs a little added sharpness try 5 or 10

Thank you for your time


Samsung TVs have experienced post COVID supplied component issues per their own technical support staff when my 10-m9nth 58" went BLACK.