Bluestacks on Apple

Can Bluestacks be downloaded on an Apple computer, phone, or tablet?

From what I’ve read, just on the MacOS.

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I believe @Miki is correct there is alternatives and also virtual set up to emulate a windows pc on Mac.

IPad as alternatives as well which I’m not sure. My mother’s Mac I got it working on the pc.


Before I do anything to the topic do you have a Mac to try this on? I don’t believe anything has changed other then some alternative methods for tablets and phones.

No, but I am going to delete the post. I just wanted to know if all the info I have received on this was nonsense.

Edit: it seems I cannot delete my own topic. But you can and feel free to do so.

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Oh okay, somethings you have to take with a grain of salt. I will try to at least test things out beforehand.

I will close it for you. Feel free to ask anything els if you want to know if it’s nonsense! :wink: :slight_smile: