Blue Stacks for Apple

I wanted to add downloader, RAI, and then Syncler on my Mac for when we travel. I believe I first need Bluestacks. I just learned though that apple silicon processor does not currently supported by Bluestacks. Does anyone know if I have any other alternative to access Google Play?


Hi. Those are the best alternatives to Bluestacks. You can search the link about the functionality of each app in the table of contents.

  1. Andy is a top rated alternative to BlueStacks.
  2. Nox apps like BlueStacks.
  3. LD Player.
  4. Remix OS Player.
  5. Menu Play.
  6. GenyMotion.
  7. Game Loop.
  8. ARC Welder.
  9. AMIDuOS.
  10. YouWave.
  11. Blis.

If you have any other question about those alternatives please don’t hastate to ask.:+1:

I don’t have a mac so I can’t personally test out apps. The most popular downloader from what I’ve read is folx. I can’t say how it compares to the Downloader though.

Thank you @Matrix I’ll give them a try.

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Thank you! @Miki, I’ll see if those suggested above work.

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You’re welcome if decide which one to choose pls let us know which one and why so to be able to advice other users if necessary. Thanks :pray::+1:

No luck so far.

  1. Andy: When trying to open it on Safari & Chrome, rec’d dire warnings that the site was unsafe. I ignored the warnings which then lead me to a page that neither browser would open (site not found).
  2. Nox: Did download. But once open could find no way to get to a place where I could download Downloader, which I need in turn to download RAI so I could download TiviMate.
    3., 4., & 5 both identify as for Windows? I assume that is to emulate a Mac? Also I think 5 is not Menu Play but rather MEmu Play.

Because I had Blue Stacks on my old computer, I opened it to get to downloader, but it says my computer is not compatible. Not sure if the emulation isn’t working or if now my OS is too old?

I wonder, does this mean when it is time to sign up for lifetime TiviMate (which I foolishly only subscribed to for a year to make sure I could get it to work) will not work?

I haven’t tried 6-11 yet. Are you sure they are to emulate android for a Mac? I am a bit worried about downloading these apps on my brand new computer when I get the warnings like I did with Andy. thank you

I found this from the bluestack crew. Apparently they are working on fixing this but sad to say nothing yet.

Several articles on the web list many Emulators, such as LD Player, Nox, Memu, etc., compatible with M1 Chip Mac, but none of them would work; in fact, some of these emulators are only available on Windows.

Yeah…I also did a little research on the Apple silicon processor & couldn’t find a fix… :frowning_face:

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You can download the version compatible with all mac version, and let us know if it works.:+1:

@Matrix not sure what you mean about version compatible with all Mac version?
@Miki bless your heart for trying to help. Yep, it’s the new speedy processor that has screwed things up for me. So I am on macOS Monterey.

I telegrammed my IPTV provider to see if I can download their app on my computer. No response yet, so I suspect not. It’s their MO to ignore me if they don’t have an answer, lol!

If I can’t get things working on my computer, am I correct that I can just bring my Firestick 4K with me, and plug it into any hotel t.v. if wifi is provided?

If worse comes to worse, I suppose I could read a book!

I am sorry Dena. I did try, and apologize I missed your comment about the chip. I changed my above post with info from the Bluestacks crew.

But yes you can take your Firestick with you. Just remember, once you plug it in and are going to use the hotel wifi you will need to go to settings>Network>then choose the name of the network you will be using>click on it>enter password. and you should be g2g.
Lets hope Bluestacks comes up with an update soon.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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In the download link you have it’s saying.
Bluestacks For MAC Works with All version of Mac OS

Which macOS version is installed?

To find out what version of Mac Apple

From the Apple menu, in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac. You should see the macOS name, such as macOS Monterey or macOS Big Sur, followed by its version number.

If you need to know the build number as well, click the version number to see it.

When you click on download to install you will receive a message about if this compatible with your mac version or not “I don’t know which version are you using” follow up the steps above to see which version are you using.

Also below the download link you find feedback link to read more about. If there’s other questions pls post.:+1:


Hello, sorry for the confusion or the trouble with mac.

NOTE: BlueStacks is not supported on Mac computers older than 2014, Mac computers with M1 chips and macOS 12 Monterey. We’re working hard towards fixing this.

This is from bluestacks. Any m1 wont work, you can however use bluestacks x for cloud gaming but not app emulation. Unfortunately it seems most android emulators wont work on m1.


Please make sure to look at all the info going foward. M1 cpus are not supported by bluestacks currently. Its right on their website. Dont worry, i learned a lesson on wifi 6 so i been there.

This is from 2021 and even currently on reddit support for bluestacks still wont work on that chip set or os.



Yes I have done that, and that is what they say on their website.


That’s not their website.

That is, and that’s from their support page.


Come on this is the same from theire website. This is getting confused, the best way to look further in the website.


And nothing there mentions m1 chip support. Mac11 big sur is a mac os and bluestacks works on it, does not work for m1 chips or the current original posters os. Which is os Monterey… once again the info is there. Nothing is confusing here sir.

The m1 chip for now isnt supported.

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Ok I mentioned earlier to check mac version. It will shows the compatibility Version MacOS Monterey


Which is M1 chip, mikki has edit a post to reflect this. Its been discussed. I have said it now 3 times its the m1 chip. If its not that its Monterey os which was also stated, read the above posts. Its no big deal, yes the current os and compatabilitys need to be checked but above post show this. Bluestacks isnt compatible with topic creators system. Not to be rude here, just trying to make sure we on the same page.

I appreciate the help