Blue stacks download

How do I download blue stacks so I can get TiviMate companion? New to this and having a hard time figuring it out. Thanks in advance

Do you have an android phone? It’s easier than using a computer imho.

I do not. Can blue stacks be downloaded on the fire stick?

You don’t need it on a firestick. You don’t have any other android devices like a tablet? If not follow Dracoo’s post and install bluestacks on you windows computer.

I’m trying to get TiviMate companion so I can use that app. It won’t allow me to get it on the stick.

Hey @Scout52 BlueStacks is what’s called an “Android Emulator”…it’s primarily for games on your computer but it “emulates” android O/S so you basically turn your PC into android thru this app. Either read the TroyPoint tutorial Dracoo sent or download here: And yes…you can download Tivimate Companion from it & pay for your TiviMate player. If you don’t have any android devices…keep it on your computer, as it will come in handy in the future.

Edit: It gives you access to Google Play…which is the download site for all things Android.

Thank you guys for your help!!!


If you don’t have a windows pc you can download it onto a Mac. Just go to the Bluestacks website.

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