Black Friday VPN deals

Black Friday sales on popular VPNs.

ExpressVPN $80 for 15 months.

Protonvpn $120 for 30 months.

Proton Unlimited $105 for 12 months.

Surfshark One VPN $75 for 28 months.


That being said - I’m still really on the fence about what to do with my vpn choice.

Currently still subbed to a long grandfathered ipv sub and in the middle of a surfshark sub. IPV has been downright speed garbage, regardless of protocol. Will not be retaining.

Shark has not been a big issue for me like it’s has been for many others here. I got about 45-50% downstream retention and have not had issues with its other features. I did have better speed retentions on prior versions, but it’s all good with what I’m getting now. Cheap - for sure.

Proton Unlimited has appeal to me, especially since I already sub their Mail service. I can consolidate and save with their unlimited. I’m debating how I real about their neutured android box app. Tunneling with wireguard seems to produce great speed retention with Proton. 85+%. :scream:

Express - pricey, even with black friday. Best speed retention through lightway - their OEM protocol - 70+%. No wireguard, but they do option openvpn.

Decisions, decisions…

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Unfortunately, in the case of ProtonVPN, those Black Friday offers are not for existing customers, even with a PLUS account. This is a shame as I do love their service and my speeds are always 95%+ of my services speed of 150Mbps down. My beef has always been the neutered app on streaming devices.


Just create a new account using a new email each time you renew. Then you can use the promo prices (most of these have promo prices to hook in new customers) every time and never pay full price. :money_mouth_face:

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Yeah - that is truly impressive.

It’s really disappointing that after a few years, they haven’t bothered to modernize their app to be more aligned with their competitors.

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Hmm - too early to tell if this is wishful thinking or a fluke, but my shark speeds are measuring out 70-75% speed retention today, since our chat this morning.

I use Chicago server mainly. Been consistent all day with a 50% server load. :crossed_fingers: 300mbps profile.

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