Beware Cheap Alibaba IPTV

How did you improve the EPG?

You add free EPGs and in the case of TiViMate you assign an epg to channels that don’t have one in AliBaba.


My service is down. Anyone else?

My service is down also.

Who you gonna calll! AMBERBABY!!!


I paid for 1 yr of Alibaba world iptv and received an email saying they “shipped” my purchase. What does that really mean? It’s been 5 days & haven’t received anything

According to Michael Wu, the service is being upgraded and will be out for 2 hours.

Service is back at 1:09 EDT.

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Most likely your credentials are in a message in your Alibaba account


I checked it again and finally found it. It sure wasn’t easy to find. Thanks for your help.

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my Michael Wu account is damn near as good as my private account? who new?
thx u Mr Wu
records fantastic in tivimate


I’ve got the $16 and the $31 Alibaba services and they’ve both been pretty solid. Occasional buffering but no more than I saw on any of the premium services that I’ve sampled. Has anyone gotten Catch Up to work on the USA channels? It works on the UK channels but that’s it.

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I’m now having an unacceptable amount of buffering. All my other services working great.
Just started in last 10 days or so. Guess it couldn’t last.

when you buy a service on alibaba? if you don’t read the customer reviews? dude you messed up
read customer reviews before you buy any service…duh

Hi @Comtech Is this the link I should use to buy the Michael Wu service?: Professional Iptv Server Support Europe Usa Uk Canada Latin American Full Hd Iptv Free Test - Buy Iptv Test 24h Free iptv Box iptv Deutschland Product on

Thank you for your help, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Maybe try “Amber Lee” in the Alibaba vendors.

Have you tried sending him a PM?


Is Amber Baby and Michael Wu the same?

No two dif ppl.

Different services also?