Best Way to Watch College Wrestling?

Can i watch college wrestling on the Crew or Mad Titan sports apps?

Use the search function and you will see that Live sports on KODI Addons are Hit or Miss and IMO mostly miss. Your best bet is a paid IPTV service. If it’s broadcast on a channel you will more than likely find it on an IPTV service. Lot’s of posts here about those as well.

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Yeah, I read that info before posting my question. I’m specifically asking if it can be accessed thru the Crew sports or Mad Titan sports Kodi add ons

Yeah, I have youtube tv, so I can watch any broadcast on those channels. A lot of college dual meets are only streamed by flowrestling. I’m a big Iowa Hawkeyes wrestling fan, but don’t want to cough up the $150 subscription fee for flowrestling.

I do not believe college wrestling is played on any Kodi add-ons. If they did list it, which I don’t believe they do, I highly doubt the source would be dependable. The Mad Titan add-on is more focused on the mainstream sports…NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA Football, Basketball, Pro wrestling…I’m honestly not sure if you would be able to find College wrestling in a paid IPTV service either though. I can keep looking and thinking about possible other options for you…totally understand not wanting to spend $150 a month.

It’s $150 annually, can’t get a monthly subscription. But only need it a few months out of the year

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