Best Way to Stream Live TV Channels

Trying to totally cut cable. What’s the best way to get live TV? Using BuzzTV with Kodi now

Unverified: iptv subscription freebies or paid

Verified: Sling, Hulu, etc…

OTA Antenna

15 Best Live TV Streaming Sites - January 2024 (Free & Working) (

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Best thing is to use the search :mag: :point_up: and type in IPTV and start reading. Lots of vids to watch, tutorials to read, and lots of advice from the Insider family.

I’m starting to think it’s time to start watching ourselves and what we are sharing. You never know who ppl are join. It goes either way, against most. You never know who is behind the screen, and we’re doing all of the “investigating” work for them. Scary stuff

I guess we were all new to this at some stage and looked for help - it’s why we joined this site.

There was another forum which I joined and had open discussions on unverified providers which suddenly shut down.

Looks like the OP joined 2 years ago, learned about kodi and has been using that.
Now is looking for a stable solution.

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