Best Way to Jailbreak a Firestick?

I just purchased a Firestick 4K Max. I have not connected it yet.

Before I do, a few questions:

1] I am planning to install the Troypoint “suite,” which includes the Rapid App Installer, first. Good idea?

Then, I will download Surfshark from RAI. I already have a Surfshark subscription, and have the application installed on my old 2nd Gen Firestick.

2] If I install Surfshark on the 4K Max using RAI, can I access my Surfshark account? I orginally installed Surfshark using the Amazon App Store.

After this, I will install Kodi, Crewnique and Film Plus, which I have on my old Firestick.

3} Following Troy’s video tutorial, I should be able to acces/activate my Real Debrid account, correct?

4] Is there a sports (NHL, NFL, etc.) application you might recommend?

Any insight, information or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Thank you,


Sounds like a solid plan! I presume you’ve jailbroken it. Should be some sports options thru Crewnique I believe. Have a great day.

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Thank you.

I jailbreak the 4K when I “side load” the Troypoint and other applications; I don’t have to do anything more than that, correct?

I ask about a sports app because, at least on the old Firestick, and through a bit of reading here, Crewnique’s sports option doesn’t seem to work.


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Yes turn on unknown app sources as needed, :v: The Loop or Mad Titan for sports


Thank you for the sports suggestions.

Again, what is the name of the Troy point suite, that includes rapid app installation? I can find it on troypoint, but I thought I would ask.

Also, sorry, when I download surfshark, will I be able to access / activate my account? The same goes for real debrid.

Any help greatly appreciated,


You need Downloader, Rapid App Installer, and SurfShark as a beginning. As all you are doing is installing an app you can simply sign into your accout on any device where you install the app.


Thank you. I really appreciate the information. I had forgotten all about downloader. Which is the key. At least to begin.

Thanks again, and I hope I can consult going forward if problems arise,


You can always pm me with questions. I enjoy helping.

Oh dang my bad should have asked you that first. Downloader is the start. Thanks Miki for catching this.


Thank you. How do I pm?

Click on @Miki’s name and click message.

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Click on my icon. Then the next window you can make your choice.

Thank you. Appreciate it,


Thank you. Just installed Downloader, Surfshark and the basic Troypoint application.

Now it’s on to Kodi, Crewnique, and Film Plus.

Thanks again,


Wow. You’re moving right along. Good on you. Now I know I said you could ask me anything but one thing I should mention. I don’t do Kodi. nada, zilch.

Thanks for your help. Is there a reason you don’t “do Kodi”?


Yes. I use Stremio and TiViMate. Both stand alone apps that are, in my opinion, much more stable and aren’t dropping builds or addons almost daily. It’s just me there are many who use it and love it. I’ve given it a try, quit for over a year then someone berated me for my negative view of Kodi. So I thought I’d try it again. It hadn’t changed. With TiViMate I have paid services and get everything I ever want to watch. Stremio is top notch for Movies and Series. I also have a Real Debrid sub. But this is why there are countless apps and devices to satisfy everyones individual needs.

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I’ve certainly noticed many false or broken links on Kodi/Crewnique. It also takes time to load, through several iterations.

Does Troy have video tutorials for Stremio and TiViMate?

Thanks for your help,


Having installed Crewnique, off to do the same with Film +

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Yes there’s some vids on both. Stremio you set up on a pc or tablet and once done you just download the app on any device and your setup and add ons and apps are there. takes a little learning so definitely look on troypoint or here for the install of them. Film+ just like Cinema so with RD works good.

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I would be downloading those for my television, not my phone or tablet. Can you download these applications to your fire stick, connected to your tv?

Also, parenthetically, it seems there are great many of broken or useless links with Kodi,/,Crewnique.

Given its size, do you think it’s worth keeping Cody / chronique (sp)?