Best way to DVR?

I’m starting my process of cutting the cord, and have recently begun using Sapphire IPTV, which seems to be a nice service. So far, so good. However, before I turn off cable for good, I’m wondering what everyone does (or best , reliable way to record like a DVR) their recording. I’m not necessarily looking for the cheapest way, but the best, most reliable way to record live tv for later viewing.

Thanks for your responses, Cheers!

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There usually a “download” option once you select the movie.

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IPTV EXTREME app will record. I don’t like it so much to play channels but like it’s record function since you can manually set recordings or if it’s in the GUIDE just do it that way too.

Amazon has a FireTV Recast (DVR) on Black Friday Sale for $100 off that I’m getting. There is a choice between 2 or 4 tuners which determine how many shows you can record at the same time. Haven’t seen anything on TROYPOINT about it but I’m going to experiment. I’ll let you know.

Would love to hear your thoughts on the Recast device. I’m trying to find something relatively simple (i.e. current DVR options from cable) where I can set to record any new episodes automatically). Let us know what you think of it! Thanks!

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So far it was a dud out of the box. They are sending a replacement. It works with your digital antenna. Any stations it gets, the recast box will sent to the Fire TV box/cube/stick. It allows you to place your digital antenna where it gets its best signal without being tied to the actual TV. That will be a plus because currently my antenna is connected with a wire stretching from the antenna’s window location to the tv through part of my living room and little ones could trip. This solves that problem. It does NOT record from the Fire TV box/cube/stick which is a disappointment. I don’t as hoping for a better solution than the app TROYPOINT recommends.

Got replacement and finally set up. Had to use an android phone. Wouldn’t do it with my iPhone. (Dud model did same thing). It’s great that my digital antenna is now not tied to my tv location and I can move to where it’s best. Had read that the box tuner helps get better quality and further away signal. Didn’t find that to be true when I tried to hook antenna up without its amplifier. Signal doesn’t reach back of the house which is weird because my router is same distance away and it does. All in all I’d say even on sale it’s overpriced. But if you live in a more urban area than I do it would then be worth the investment.

I also don’t believe that you will be able to use the Recast to record anything from you IPTV service. From what I was reading from Amazon, it will only allow recording from an OTA source. Your best bet is to maybe look into a player option like IPTV Extreme or Tivimate.

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That is correct the Fire Recast only records what your outdoor antenna receives.
I was also hoping for more options when I purchased mine.
Still looking for a solution.

Running a home server is your other option. Look into channels dvr, emby and plex. Lotsa reading to do.

Thanks, I will start reading.

In your opinion what option is the best?

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all depends on what you want to record. Local channels is the easy part because you just need a tuner and a place to record it. Cable channels are difficult to imposible unless you pay for that with a provider. IPTV recording is best with emby(what I use). Plex is nice but more for your personal media. Then theres transcoding required for some and on and on. It gets tedious but is possible once you know what you want, then read read read. I say that cause you dont want to start spending only to find out its not for you.

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No, this is a older topic before we cracked down on iptv providers.

I got it.