Best VPN for geoblocking by netflix & amazon prime

I want to know which is the best vpn to get around amazon & netflix geoblocking. I have accounts with both and travel a lot. When traveling I often am not able to continue watching some shows I watch from the US. I was with IPVanish previously before doing all this traveling; had problems so switched and am now currently having problems with present vpn. Anybody have advice for a vpn that consistently works while traveling abroad? Thanks.

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Welcome to the community. As a newer user please use the search as this is a common issue/problem.

Netflix and prime are harder to bypass these days, they even lock you based on how you paid, Canadian cc or usa cc that kinda of thing. However you can try using surfshark or nordvpn.

They watch for ip changes in and out of country, dns server changes, mac address changes all kinds of things.

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Welcome to the insider @drndj .
I don’t use Prime but the VPN I use claims you can access Prime using their VPN. I’l post the instructions but I can’t verify it without a prime sub.
I really hope it works for you.

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Proton VPN Amazon Prime won’t work on the app ,but will work a web browser

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Thanks for the response. Will try both under their trial basis. I was under the impression that surfshark didn’t work, but will try.

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Thank you for all who responded. I signed up with Surfshark VPN and it is working with both. Had to switch to OpenVPN UDP to get it to work for me in Costa Rica, but it is working without a hiccup.


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