Best Video Player for Film+

What is the best amd most compatible APK to play movies from Film+ ?

do you mean other apks for movies

Are you talking about external players?

Yes , but do you even need an external player to play movies from.Film÷. I was asking because when I tried playing a movie from Film+ it seemed it was lagging and buffering too much

hi you could use MX player but normally buffering can be caused by weak signal it happens sometimes but if if mx does the trick problem solved ps VLC player is good as well

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FilmPlus forces you to use BPlayer. No way around that.

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depends what version you have i have film plus and it gives you a choice of player i use mx

All versions since at least 1.7.x

this is it

What version are you using?

its 1.7.5 reason i use it no adds

Ah, that explains it. Surprised that the change was that recent. Most people are using the current version, replete with ads and BPlayer! The latest versions have updated providers.


i havent had any problems with it gets all i click on so if it aint broke dont fix it :+1: