Best TV Antennas

for people who want local tv channels.the best one i found is called clearstream 1 max sold at walmart it is a indoor and outdoor antenna in my area most only get 30 to 40 channels this one gets 70 cant beet the price

Good for omnidirectional local reception. I tried the ClearStream 4 and couldn’t get many channels within a 30-40 mile radius. The ChannelMaster Extreme 80, 8-bay antenna got me everything including (surprisingly) VHF-Lo channels! Not wife-friendly, though - it will have to go in the attic!

Antennas are like snake oil - it’s hard to believe anything the manufacturers/sellers say!


Yep, agree 100%. ChannelMaster the best and most trusted out there…with maybe a couple other brands close. I have that same antenna mounted in my attic. My local channels have a 100% signal.


I have a ClearStream 4MAX with Channel Master TV Antenna PreAmp 1. Works great receiving all locals from 75 miles. I also have a Channel Master ULTRAtenna 60 with a Channel Master TV Antenna Booster 4 and get all channels within 65 miles on 4 different TVs at the same time.

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This guy seems to be the go-to guy for all thing Antenna related. He’s an antenna geek. :nerd_face:

What’s the Best Indoor, Outdoor, RV, or Attic TV Antenna? (

If you can’t go rooftop, I swear by the Channel Master Smart Antenna+.


Flat, stick it, offers 7 antennas in one at a touch of the button. Not sure why the stopped making them. Gamechanger for me. You can still find them on EBAY.