Best sports add on

Looking for the best sports add on I’m new the only thing I have is the crew any help would be appreciated thanks

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When I used Kodi I had one of Troy’s forks and Mad Titan was the addon I used for sports.

If you are looking for Football, The Endzone was Pretty good last year. I tried a few links today but lot’s of buffering. you are better off looking at a paid IPTV Sub for Live Sports


If you can get NFL Redzone channel for football it plays in very high quality and rarely buffers. It’s included in most iptv services.


I’ve been watching live sports on there for a long time now and currently the best add-on for live sports is The Crew, and has been for quite a while now ever since Rising Tides stopped working/being updated. The most important thing that I’ve had to learn the hard way is when it comes to ANY add-on , DON’T UPDATE IT if it isn’t broken!!! For example, if you see The Crew listed in the list of available updates, yet it’s still working exactly the same, then don’t update it unless it’s not working right. There have been numerous updates over the years, for many different add-ons, that have ended up causing more harm than good, and The Crew’s most recent update is a perfect example!! It won’t even open on my 2 devices that were updated yet the one on my phone that didn’t get the update works perfectly fine still!! Just about every other sports add-on that’s ever been around is horribly hit-n-miss.


I switched to “The Loop” when the crew started having problems. Very good results with MLB, first week of NFL with no problems. My back up is MadTitan. For those interested, the loop also has a great section for EFL, I watch my Championship League team every saturday. Also has Premier, League 1 and league 2 listed, but havent tried them.

I use Sport HD for soccer or the Loop, Asgard has a sports section, mlb is better on Loop, rising tides works but the streams are hit and miss.
They all work better with a vpn , i set mine to France and use Surfshark.

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