Best Pre-Paid Credit Card for IPTV

In the past when I’ve tried with other services, there’s always been nuances preventing the use of the “anonymous Visa cards”, ie, no internet or international purchases!
BTW, Used Troy’s suggestion on a trial, excellent!


When I was looking for a similar CC I spoke with my banker and what we came up with was a second debit card on my account. In my case I have an account through my Credit Union that has requirements and pays a pretty good interest rate. What she had me do was open a second checking account that didn’t pay the interest. In this case I just moved $200 into that account and will use it only for iptv purchases. I won’t have to worry about anyone getting into my main account and will get notices every time it is used.

Capitol One has virtual cards you can use for one time payments.

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Sounds pretty much what I do with Paypal.


But it’s in your real name, isn’t it? We should try to avoid that if possible.

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I’m hoping by using an alias email and also going through PayPal that will prevent issues.

That will help. There’s added safety with anonymity.

I’m looking for anonymity

Pp doesn’t hide your identity
Plus, vendor doesn’t accept pp

I’ve used Capital One for some purchases with a virtual card. After payment I delete that card number and generate a new one so that the first one can’t be used again.

Another option you can explore is They allow you to connect a payment method to a virtual card that you can configure for one time purchases, max amount allowed to use, etc.


With the CapitalOne virtual cards, you can just lock the card until needed again.


Just checked and yes you can lock it until needed.

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I would be interested to know if anybody knows of a prepaid credit card that works for Alibaba? I used a vanilla gift card back
in November but now that doesn’t seem to work anymore

I used the virtual card idea suggested above, still worked with fictitious name

This is going to seem strange to a lot of people but I don’t use or have credit cards
I’m a cash kinda guy

We’re all going to have fun when the government switches to digital currency

Curious how you rent a car or a hotel room?

I don’t do either of those things

What do you do?

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I know this may come as a shock to some but I don’t rent cars or stay in hotels lol
Believe it or not you really can make it in life without a credit card lol