Best movie app to replace Cinema

Used to love Cinema before the problem of giving wrong links - any feedback on what is the best stable movie app to replace Cinema?

I use Stremio and have for the past couple of years


Try here

Look at the link. Has alot of options.

Also try getting a real debrid account.

  • Beetv
  • Flimplus
  • Streamo
  • Syncler+
  • Kodi
  • Cyberflix

Plus many more.

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TeaTv. available from the troypoint rapid app installer.

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I like BeeTV, not in the RAI


I have found NovaTV to be the best so far.


I still like Kodi using The Crew addon. If you configure it correctly with Real Debrid it’s extremely fast at finding links. You can change the view settings however you want, whether it’s a list or posters with descriptions. I set the torrent settings to cached only and remove uncached. The provider timeout is 15 and returned sources is 100. If you unselect all of the non-premium providers in the settings it also speeds it up. I have found with the proper tweaking it’s better than any of the standalone apps.

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I second JayHawks659 with Kodi. I use The Crew, Oath, Venom, and Marauder. I watch everything I want with Real-Debrid with no problems what-so-ever.


Syncler without doubt is the best I’ve used. Coupled with real debrid


FilmPlus as a free option alternative.

On the paid end, either Syncler or Weyd and boils down to personal preference as they are very similar. However, both paid options require having a Debrid service to make the most of it such as Real-Debrid or Premiumize. Once, you have tried Syncler or Weyd, you don’t want to bother with the free apps anymore.

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Syncler+ with Real Debrid and Trakt is an awesome combo for me.

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Syncler is what l’m using, yes you have to pay for it, but it is worth it….

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Stremio. Free signup and free to use. Lots of add ons and you can integrate RD into it. If I remember correctly I used the TP guide for this app.

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Kodi just takes a little more work to setup but I think it’s worth it.


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