Best Launcher for Firestick

I’m currently using Wolf Launcher on my Firestick 4K Max and was wondering if there is one out there that is better than Wolf? Everytime Amazon updates the stick, it disables the launcher. Let me know your thoughts.


I think at this point with the launchers it comes down to personal performance and functionality. Wolf is good so is f launcher. I think you should try q few and take it from there.

But that’s my suggestion, I will see what others say. Alot still use wolf seems to be the top.

It is an issue with the Wolf launcher so I used the tool to disable the Amazon updates. The problem with that is there are times when important performance updates are released and are done so randomly. This resulted in issues with my 4K Max performance. So now I just let it update, kick me out of wolf, and then when it does that I simply go to the Launcher Manager, reenable wolf and it’s g2g. Really doesn’t take long and none of the Wolf configuration is lost.

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Thanks guys. I think I’ll just stick with Wolf. I didn’t know if there was one better.

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