Best Kodi Addons without Real Debrid

Is there any other Kodi Addons that you can install and use that doesn’t require real debrid sig up. Live on fixed income and this added expense is not in my budget. Already using APKs but my Kodi is a much better app for me???

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You can use The Crew, The Promise and a number of Kodi addons. You just won’t get near as many feeds or the quality. $3 a month for Real Debrid I wish it was cheaper. A great value if it’s in the budget. You can also search for Kodi add ons here.Welcome and good luck,

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Nightwing addon which is in the magnetic repo. It gives you 8 to 10 free links. I have rd, but test the free ones frequently and have always found free working links. If you have mad titan installed, Nightwing is in the same repo as mad titan. If you’re happy with 720 quality, and on a budget, free links are the way to go.


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