Best Hardware to Use for Streaming

I just want to be heard, I’ve been an avid follower of Troy point for years now. I have tried all types of hardware from the Nvidia shield latest version to all of these different Chinese made Android boxes running Android TV and not running Android TV. I have to say that the latest device that I’ve been using is the Google Chromecast 4K and it works fantastic. I just wanted everyone to know I’ve been using it now for about 4 months and it is the best device that I have tried.

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@AndroidMan I would have to agree with that. But, in my opinion, it’s based on a few specific things as well as personal preference. I’ve also used the most current NVIDIA Shield, all Firesticks, and the Google with Chromecast. I’ve never tried any of the Android TV boxes mostly because even though Android TV has it’s drawbacks, it’s setup to natively run apps the correct way on Landscape designed TV’s and monitors.

I did just switch to a Firestick 4k Max on my main (living room) TV from a Chromecast with Google TV and that’s what I’m currently using.

In my opinion, what makes the Chromecast the best is native Google, and there fore Google Play store. I even ran an externally powered USB ethernet hub with mine.

I preferred the default interface, even with the freeware, ads, and bloatware that so many others want to get rid of, like with Wolf launcher. I liked the settings page. I liked that like the NVIDIA Shield, I could link my gmail account. I even liked the suggested movies and shows based on my personal history. And as far as the Live TV view, I liked the TV guide setup even better than the way that like, for instance, my native YouTube TV app TV guide live view was setup.

However, mine started getting glitchy and required constant restarts and reboots. Plus, the new 4k Max was coming out and 4k Firesticks was what I was running in my bedroom and all of my kid’s rooms. So they’re more familiar with the front end interface of Amazon Firesticks by far. And even though the Chromecast may have been better, like most people, my family was resistant to change and having to learn a new interface. Even though, in my opinion, it doesn’t get much easier or more basic. They just liked to act like it was some type of Herculean effort to learn and adapt.

Anyway, I second your opinion on the Chromecast with Google TV being the most user friendly and easiest one to natively install apps with less of a need for side loading.


Thanks for your opinions guys! Nice to read about others experiences.

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I have S905X3 boxes and I have tried a few of them, the Chromecast 4K is by far the best from my personal experience.