Best "Free" app to get local channels

I had used Locast app for long time to stream local (network, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc) channels LIVE; but they recently shutdown their service in the US. Is there an alternative to stream local network channels LIVE? I know there are pay services that include local channels; but I am happy with everything else I use and only need local channels so it’s not worth paying a fee. Please let me know if there are other apps that offer streaming LIVE local channels for free. I have been searching around but have yet to find any app that offers this


I routinely scour the web. Have found zero that offer major broadcasting local major market channels with the exception of News only in a number of markets.
I solved this very same problem last year by installing an antenna. I now receive all locals but am required to switch using TV imput.
It would be great if a splitter taking an RF cable & merging it to an HDMI eliminating the need for changing a TV Imput. I have both NVidia Shield & Firesticks.


check out they have android devices that hook to antennas for local programming WITH DVR FEATURES!

i currently have an older model STREAM+ (cm-7600) it records all my OTA programs and i use an iptv service as well for my majority of cable channels.

i like having all my features in one device and not having to switch inputs on my tv. and just one remote as well.

if you already have an old antenna attached to your house, you can use it. you do not need an HD antenna, you just need the F-style coax connector on the antenna wire coming into your house.


I use olatv it will have your locals on it, they can be hard to find sometimes.

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I went and bought a 10 dollar antenna from Walmart…best thing I have done

I think a cheap antenna is the way to go, then scan channels on the tv and it will pick up everything out there. Before services started included almost every city I used to use a dollar store antenna to get locals. I actually still have one in case the internet goes out.

I agree @free2sea.

Ola TV app is the best. If you’re already familiar with the ola TV app, Search for the channel it is on, select your nearest city of your team, make sure it works, then save as favorite. The favorites save in the Kshaw app. Make sure you have multiple saved favorites of each channel because the server might be down from one week to the next. But out of the two or three apps you saved you’ll definitely be able to watch your game each week. This is the second season it’s been working for me perfectly. Video quality is always really good.


Link to the site doesn’t work.

sorry, misspelled

Y63 in Ola TV has one of the largest selection of US TV channels I’ve seen yet. Once in the server Y63 let it load, takes about a minute, then click “All” and wait another minute to load the channels, then click the magnifying glass to do a search for say Fox. Now here’s a bit of info to save you some time> find out what your local stations call letters are as channel numbers don’t mean anything. KDFW, for example, is for a Dallas Fox channel. So search for that or hunt through the many Fox choices. Use a VPN. Have fun.


@Miki, Y63 good to know. My favorites were in the ‘I’ series and they’re not even available anymore. Thanks!

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Thanks, I had already converted the F style coax connector to a powered BNC. Unfortunately what I would need would be a video mixer & the cost of such is more than I am willing to pay.

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The following are good for U.S. channels and sports
74/77/97/101/105/109/113/117/122/125/179/ 189/190