Best Filelinked Codes for Firestick/Android in 2021

Originally published at: Best FileLinked Codes for September 2021 (New Codes Added Daily)

The following guide provides a list of the Best Filelinked Codes for Firestick/Fire TV and Android users. Since there are hundreds of Filelinked codes available, this is a common topic we see on the TROYPOINT media properties. Thousands of cord-cutters use various Filelinked codes to access and install their favorite Streaming Apps, device cleaners, modded…

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I downloaded filelink from Troypoint rapid installer. I put in the code 44444444 and then it asked for a pin? A pin was not asked for on the Troypoint video. Does anyone know what pin I am suppose to put in?


Scrap the all 4’s
Use 12341234…


Thanks @zorlac I just saw that on the lastest Troypoint email! I swear, the last few emails he’s written have been intended for me!!! The 1234 worked great.



I don’t see Filelinked for download at TPRAI ?

Is there a secondary app I can use with codes?

Hi @LadyBoss
Try unlink

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Unlinked is working just fine. Follow above.

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My bad @LadyBoss I said Filelinked but what I meant was Unlinked. I seem to recall that filelinked can’t be found or does not work any more. Sorry for the confusion.