Best buld to watch NFL Redzone

Best buld to use with KODI that will allow PPV and Footbal Red Zone. I have Diggz Xenon but it runs so slow and is always showing messge that it is working. Any better builds?

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I use a paid IPTV service for all my sports watching. I do use Kodi and The Crew Sports as my back up for sports. I do not use builds at all. They take up too much free space and run to much unnecessary stuff in the background. I only use Kodi and individual addons.


I’m with Dminor9 on this one. IPTV service is the simple answer.

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While I agree with Dmin9 about a paid service for sports and individual add-ons for Kodi for better experiences, you might try the Skeleton Crew build. It’s relatively light weight and includes Mad Titan plus has a PVR set up with all the sports channels preloaded.

I recently gave up on builds myself. I was using one and it said I needed to update it. Something messed up and as far as I can tell it’s basically half installed I’d call it. Some add-ons are there some won’t work and the background is standard Kodi. After that I had to re install Kodi. Decided to just individually install the 2 add-ons I actually use

I’ve been using Grindhouse Builds for Years. Very well maintained set of Builds (VOD Great IPTV Not so much) and they have a Sports addon called The Endzone which has the NFL Games and several of the RedZone channels. BUT as others have said IPTV on FREE KODI is very Hit and Miss and IMO you will be hard pressed to find consistent reliable non buffering FREE Sports streams in KODI - Anywhere. I have a paid IPTV service I use for Live Sports mostly

I hear ya. I consider Kodi a project. It changes often and can not ever be considered reliable…Great when it works and a pain when it doesnt. If you are a football nut you need reliable…nuf said :thinking: :grimacing: :eyes:

Dont bother with kodi with this stuff, get a iptv service. It’s been said here alot of times, please use our search.

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